Each shop contains ‘hidden turnover’. Potential that can be unlocked and which will improve your profitability.

Shoptimise specialises in unlocking this potential and discovering these opportunities. With our Shop Analysis Tool we will analyse all physical aspects of a store. With great results: it is common to see turnover increases of more than 15% after implementation of our improvement points. Please look through our customer cases and quotes to see how our clients have experienced our consultancy.

With four decades of experience in analysing and improving shops, we have developed an exceedingly detailed checklist, which covers:

  • Logo/branding
  • Store appearance and visibility
  • Shop windows
  • Entrance
  • Layout, fixtures and fittings
  • Visual merchandising
  • Routing

After each shop visit and evaluation we provide you with a report, with many clearly explained action points, and accompanied with photos and/or drawings. Each of these changes will contribute to increasing your turnover. Although some changes may require some investment, most of the action points are easy to carry out. We focus on enhancing existing fixtures and fittings, which reduces renovation costs as much as possible.

As a result of our advice:

  • More people will notice your shop
  • More people will stop and look at your shop front and windows
  • More people will enter
  • More people will buy
  • The average transaction value will increase

This is what we do best. This is our main focus. To see how well we do it, please take a look at some of our customer case studies and quotes. Then feel free to contact us to help you unlock your store’s potential.


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